Back to beautiful Sweden and our home town, Lysekil.

June 14, 2014 in Travel Plans

Summer has just started here in Sweden and life feels generally good. Nitassinan is back in her home harbour. It is great to be back. We got a fantastic welcoming from our work mates. We went past the laboratory and were met by shouting colleges and a welcome note with big letters in the windows. Arrived Thursday the 5th of June and had a weekend with Mikaels brother and his girlfriend and my parents. Wilma, our little white jack russel, moved in with us in the boat. We have not found another home yet but are not in a hurry. It is not bad at all to live in the boat summertime.

I am already back at work. Mikael got a message about a job on the satellite phone on the Atlantic so he will start in August. We will both work in the laboratory on the pictures.

Mikael popped THE question on our way from the Azores. The most romantic moment with great weather, perfect winds and dolphins jumping around the boat. We both consider we should be able to manage a lifetime together after having managed crossing the Atlantic twice, just the two of us.

When we have settled, and have more time, I will upload the best nature moments we had along the trip under ”photography”.

For all of you that and are still out there, have fun, sail safe and keep in touch!

Pics: As we approached we saw the magnificent church in Lysekil from a far distance. The big white house is the laboratory we work in. There are also two pictures of Nitassinans home harbour, with the little red fishing huts.