About the boat

BP140105-0091 (1280x853)

                                                                                                                       Photo by Kenmore Henville (BequiaPhotoaction.com)

Nitassinan is a “one of a kind” steel hull boat designed for offshore sailing. She is 11.5 meter long, 3.1 m in width and weighs about 8 500 kg.

She was finished in 1992 and has since then had three owners before us. The first family built the boat and named it Nitassinan after an area in Canada where indigenous innue people live. They took the boat as far as Scotland but because of unfortunate circumstances they were not able to sail it any further and eventually they sold the boat. We don’t know much about the second owner, as we have not met him, but we believe he was from England or Scotland and sailed the boat over the North Sea a few times.

We bought the boat of the third owner, in Linköping, who mainly sailed in the Baltic Sea. The city is inland but connected with a channel with locks to both the east and west coast, Göta kanal. When we bought the boat we took the channel to the west coast. Nitassinans home harbour is now close to where it originated, back on the west coast. We now hope to safely bring her on such a trip she was built for.