About Us


Maria Boström

Nature photography is a passion that I hope to revive during this trip, as work and studies have occupied most of my time the latest years. Love catching wildlife moments, behaviour and movements.

I was born in Norrköping,1981. Grew up spending summer holidays, with my family, on the Baltic sea coast. Thats where my interest in marine wildlife generated. I have studied marine biology since high school. I continued with a Bachelor of Science in marine biology and zoology at the tropical school of marine science in Townsville, Australia. Then a master in marine biology at Lund University and recently a licentiate degree in Ecology: basics and applications, at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Have a special interest in top predatory diet and interaction with fish and fisheries, such as predatory ecological effects, competition and parasites. I have worked for the Swedish board of Fisheries between the years 2005 to 2011 and for the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences since 2011.



Mikael Ovegård

Born 1981, Stockholm, Sweden. MSc in Marine Biology at Lund University 2009. After my university studies I was employed at the Department of Aquatic Resources, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, working mainly with development of low-impact fishing gear.

Nature, wildlife and electronic/technology have been an interest since childhood. It all comes together very well with my long-time dream of crossing the Atlantic in a sailing boat. The near proximity to the ocean allows for great wildlife experiences and the ability to be able to fix faulty technology is essential for any boat owner planning to make a longer sailing trip. After months of grinding, panting and running of cables we are now finally on our way and it is with great anticipating I´m looking forward to exploring new places from the safety of our new floating home.